Guidelines for AYME Conference Scholarship Fund

The purpose of the AYME Scholarship Fund is to provide financial assistance toward the conference registration fee to those wishing to attend the conference who would otherwise be unable to attend because of present financial hardship. Financial scholarships may cover conference registration only, in-part or in-full. It does not cover hotel or travel costs.

Application Process
Scholarships can be applied for from January 1st through September 15th of the conference year. Award recipients will be notified within a week of application. Late applications will only be considered as time and funds allow. To apply for conference scholarship funds please email Dr. Megan Brown with the following information.

    1. Name, address, school/organization, phone number, email.
    2. How many years, if any, have you been a member of AYME?
    3. What recent AYME Conferences, if any, have you attended?
    4. If you have never attended a conference before, who recommended AYME to you?
    5. How much funding are you requesting?
    6. Please explain the reason(s) you are seeking financial assistance.

Financial Awards
Scholarships will be determined according these criteria in descending order:

    1. Priority will be given to a current AYME member.
    2. Priority will be given to an applicants who apply early in the process. This includes graduate students.
    3. Priority will be given to applicants who demonstrate a greater financial need.