Out of an abundance of caution and care for one another at the AYME Conference in Dallas, we will expect everyone to wear masks at plenary and breakout sessions. We will also provide appropriate social distance seating in the ballroom and breakout rooms. Speaker podiums will be placed far enough away from the front row in all rooms so that speakers may unmask if they are comfortable doing so. 

Currently the Marriott Hotel does not require masks in public areas, yet we encourage the use of masks anytime you are indoors at the conference. The Marriott does provide masks free of charge if you find yourself in need of one. For access to the hotel’s COVID Protocols: https://whattoexpect.marriott.com/dfwap

Finally, the City of Irving doesn’t require masks indoors…but this information is largely buried in a set of “orders” and “reversals” among the city, county, state. We can assure you that we’re paying attention…and committed to hosting an epic experience for youth ministry thought leaders who trust our good and loving God completely.