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Association of Youth Ministry Educators

A Community of Christ-Centered Scholars

On this day in late March of 2020, we seek the Lord’s wisdom for the AYME mission. Our students’ worlds, our academic work, and our own personal lives have been turned upside down with the unfolding impact of COVID-19. To our membership of professors from over 60 colleges, universities and theological seminaries, and many leaders from national youth ministry organizations, denominations, and publishing companies: we believe in you and are praying for you.

Our AYME board anticipates that you, especially, are leading the way to support your students and graduates who are caring for their own youth ministry communities. An active AYME Facebook page allows us to share helpful resources with one another through this season and beyond.

Let’s do our best to be faithful to God and effective in our support of one another as we serve youth ministry’s developing leaders. Our Journal of Youth Ministry, published twice a year, advances research and scholarship for our field. And, so far, we are still planning to meet in Albuquerque October 23-25, 2020, for our 27th Annual AYME Conference. Please join us; we need you now more than ever.

With Christ…at your side…for young people,

Dave Rahn, Ph.D.
President, AYME